Sylvia Bosteels
Digital Product Designer

Bridgestone Europe


Bridgestone Europe

Bridgestone has been my primary project at These Days Wunderman since 2014. Together with the Bridgestone team of 5 , we redesigned Bridgestone website for Europe. Today, this new site covers 19 countries and allows visitors to quickly find the best tyre for their car.  -

AgencyThese Days Wunderman

Tools: Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Illustrator

Credits to the These Days Bridgestone team: Gino Lardon (UX) - Koen Speelmeijer (Project Manager) - Laura Schillemans (Account Manager) and Toon Diependaele (Strategy)

Development: Cegeka


Range page with search module and result

Search module different steps

Product Detail Page

Search result block (Desktop - Tablet - Mobile)

Tyre Talk pages: Overview page - Article - Guide overview

Tyre Talk article

Smartbox on personalized homepage

Atoms in Atomic Design sheet

Navigation organism in Atomic Design sheet