Sylvia Bosteels
Digital Product Designer

Alfa Romeo app


Alfa Romeo App 

This personal project serves as a companion app for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio. The app adjusts its design based on whether you’re inside the car (black and landscape) or outside the car (white and portrait). You can open your doors and windows, see where you parked your car, get GPS and traffic info and get reminders when you’re running out of gas or need to update your parking meter.

In addition, the app also works as a journey planner. You can plan your favorite trip, start your journey with the perfect music and afterwards review your average speed, distance, fuel consumption, … All of this can be shared with your fellow Alfa lovers.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Illustrator


Drawings of buttons from the Alfa Romeo

Opening screen: when pinching the clover (quadrifoglio) 4 menu items appear

Marking your location when parking your car

Navigation screen

Photoshop sketches of the app icons

Promotion site design